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Arran Bird Report 2022

Where are most bird species seen on Arran? How many different types of owl are on Arran? When was the last Ptarmigan seen on Arran? For all your birdwatching questions on Arran, the best place to start is the annual bird report.

With a great team effort, the Arran Natural History Society has again got the annual bird report in outlets throughout the island for the Easter holidays. With a stunning photograph of a Coal Tit by Brian Couper on the front cover, it is yet another eye-catching annual report. The Arran Bird Report 2022 is a "must" for anyone interested in the birds of Arran.  It includes information on all species seen on Arran, a month-by-month summary of what was around in 2022, information on ringed birds, reports on some of Arran's bird projects. It is in full colour and is beautifully illustrated with photographs from over twenty photographers. The uniqueness of Arran is reflected throughout the report, including the number of UK protected birds that share our island with us, as well as the differences between here and the adjacent mainland.
The annual report is jam packed with information. This year it starts with a tribute to Maggie Dunn, the Arran Natural History Society’s first bird recorder and finishes with information on the Arran Birding Website, a comprehensive resource for local and visiting birders.
The number of contributors, the number of species reported, and the number of records received in 2022 were all back to similar pre-pandemic Covid-19 figures. In 2022 another pathogen impacted on the birdlife of Arran. On 12 July, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5N1 arrived on Arran. Its impact features in the annual report.

This publication showcases the fascinating birding year of 2022. Here is a flavour of some the highlights. Arran’s first ever Cattle Egret was reported. Several species were recorded after an absence of a number of years including Yellow-browed Warbler after fifteen years and Turtle Dove after seven years. There were also increasing reports of a number of species including Kingfisher, Little Egret and White-tailed Eagle. In addition, the Whimbrel with the little leg flag, A2, was seen yet again in the spring in Kildonan. A2 was in virtually the same week on virtually the same shore as it had been for the previous five years. Not only that, but for the first time there was a winter report. A2 was reported wintering on the coast at Bank a’ Arguin. Perhaps next year there will be a report from its breeding ground.
The annual Arran Bird Report is a "must" for anyone interested in Arran and its birds. It is available from these outlets Arran Active, Brodick tel. 302113, the Book and Card Centre, Brodick tel 302288, the Harbour Shop, Blackwaterfoot tel. 860215, the Wee Bookshop, Corrie (adjacent to the Village Hall) tel. 810531, Pirnmill Shop and Post Office tel. 850235 and The Pillar Box, Whiting Bay tel. 700205 and is priced £9.99.   It is also available directly from the distribution organisers for the Arran Natural History Society priced £9.99 plus £1.70 p&p at arrannaturalhistorysociety@gmail.com  Make sure you get your copy. Only a limited number have been produced.

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Enjoy your birding and keep safe.
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